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To add staff members to a folio in Tempo for Server

To add staff members to a folio in Tempo Budgets for Serveryou must be the Folio Owner or be an Administrator for the folio:

  1. Select your folio using Tempo > (folio name).
  2. Select the Staff tab, then select Staff Members at the top-left.
  3. Click Add a staff member (o).
  4. Enter information about the staff member:
    1. Staff Member - select the name of the staff member from the list of Budgets users.
    2. Role - select a role for the staff member in this folio.
    3. Overtime Rule - if applicable, select an Overtime Rule to use for the staff member.
    4. Weekly Schedule - select a Weekly Schedule for the staff member.
    5. Holiday Schedule - select a Holiday Schedule for the staff member.
    6. From - enter the start date, or select the Folio start date.
    7. To - enter the end date, or select the Folio end date.
    8. Availability  enter the availability for the staff member, either in fixed hours, or as a percentage of total capacity.
    9. Cost Rate - enter the Cost Rate for the staff member. This can be individually set, or if the folio uses Global User Rates, the rate will be set automatically.
    10. Description - enter a description for the staff member.
  5. Click Add to add a new staff member, or select Add another and then Add to add more than one staff member.
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