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Child Issues (Advanced Roadmaps) Extender

If you have the Advanced Roadmaps for Jira (formerly Portfolio for Jira) add-on installed, the Child Issues (Advanced Roadmaps) Extender allows you to pull in child issues using Advanced Roadmaps' Parent Link field.

Customize Your Extender

Each Child Issues (Advanced Roadmaps) Extender can be customized to create exactly the hierarchy you need.

Advanced Roadmaps extend generator

You can customize:

Extend Levels - Allows you to select which levels in the hierarchy the extender should be applied to:

  • All levels up to 10 (default) - The extender will be applied to the first 10 levels of the hierarchy, starting from the level where the extender itself is located.
  • All levels - The extender will be applied to the current level and all its descendants.
  • Current level only - The extender will only be applied to the same level in the hierarchy as the extender itself.
  • Manual levels range - You can specify which levels the extender is applied to.

See Generator Scope to learn more about customizing levels.

Allow changes via Structure - If this option is checked, the Portfolio parent links will be updated as you move issues in your structure.

Runs As

When a generator runs, it runs as the structure owner. This is important because the generator will have access to the same projects, issues, etc. as the user listed here – if they don’t have permission to view an issue, it won’t be added to the structure.

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