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Presets allow you to build complex structures in just a few clicks. You select the type of hierarchy you want to visualize and then make a few choices about the issues you want to see - Structure will do the rest.

Structure hierarchy built by a preset

When you build a structure using presets, Structure adds and configures all the necessary generators to insert the desired issues and arrange them in the hierarchy you selected. As items change in Jira, the generators keep your structure up to date.

Types of Presets

Using a Preset

To build a structure with a preset, open the Add menu and select Preset. On the Create Preset screen, select the type of hierarchy you want to visualize (see above).

Select a preset

In the Preset settings, you'll select the boards/projects you want to add issues from, the types of issues to include, how you want them grouped, and more. 

Preset settings

Each preset has its own set of options. Please refer to the appropriate preset page for specifics about each option. 

Make Changes to a Preset

When you use a preset to build a structure, it adds a set of generators to create the hierarchy you requested. If you want to alter that hierarchy, you need to edit the appropriate generator.

Generators added by a preset

To reset the entire preset and start over, delete all the generators from the structure.

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