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Timeline Configuration

In the Timeline configuration you can customize the elements displayed on your timeline. 

Gantt configuration - timeline tab

First month of the year 

Dates displayed in the timeline will use the selected month as the start of the fiscal year, with the year assigned based on the end of the fiscal year period. For example, if you select November and the calendar year is 2020, then October (end of the fiscal period) is treated as 2020, and November (start of the new fiscal period) will be treated as 2021. To always display the actual calendar date, leave this set to "January."

Chart with fiscal year marker

Fix Versions

Structure.Gantt can place markers at the top of your timeline to show Fix Versions. 

Fix version flag in the Gantt chart

To enable this feature, simply enter the projects you want to show fix versions from.

Fix Version marker configuration

In the event that the same version with the same release date is defined for multiple selected projects, those will be merged into one single Fix Version.

Chart Markers

You can also configure custom chart markers to call attention to other important dates on your chart.

Chart with custom chart marker

In the Chart Markers section, you will find a list of current custom chart markers. To edit or delete an exiting marker, click the Action button (three dots). 

List of custom chart markers

To create a new custom marker, click the "New marker" button. You can also create a new marker right from the Gantt chart - just double-click anywhere on the timeline. You can give the marker a custom name, date, and color. If you want the flag at the top of the marker to remain visible at all times, select Always visible on the timeline.

Edit marker window

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