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VS Code Extension for Tempo Timesheets

This extension is for developers who use Tempo Timesheets on Jira Cloud to log their time.

Using Tempo Time Tracking with VS Code lets you log your time faster in Jira from suggestions provided in Tempo Timesheets. Tempo Time Tracking integration is provided through the Tempo Time Tracking Extension which will automatically detect the time you spend on coding activities and changes made to files in git repositories. When you save a file in VS Code or commit/checkout in git, the extension will post an event to the Tempo API containing the current branch name, timestamp, and a commit message (if there's a commit). A status indicator at the bottom bar in VSCode shows you how much time you have spent on various development tasks. This results in better suggestions for logging time in Tempo Timesheets. For optimal results, the branch and/or the commit message should contain an issue key.

To get started with Tempo Time Tracking in VS Code, you'll need to install the Time Tracking extension. Once you've installed the Tempo Time Tracking extension, you need to authorize the extension in VS Code.

Setting Up the Time Tracking Extension

It's easy to get started with Tempo Time Tracking for VS Code.

  1. Make sure you have VS Code version 1.46 or higher. Download the extension from the marketplace or install from the Extensions View in VS Code.

  2. Reload VS Code after the installation.

  3. A notification appears asking you to authenticate the extension with Tempo. Click Authorize now.

  4. Click Open to go to the go to the Atlassian authorization page. Click the Authorize for drop-down menu to open the list of sites (instances) you can authenticate with VS Code.

  5. Select the site you want to authorize. Click Accept and then open VS Code to complete the authorization and you're all set to go. (If you have multiple active instances that can be matched with your token, you may be prompted to do this twice.)

  6. When you open a workspace within a git repository, the extension will give you the option to either Track or Ignore all activity within the git repository.

The list of tracked/untracked repositories can be changed with commands within VS Code from the command palette and by interacting with the Tempo status indicator.

Extension Settings

The Tempo app stores all extension settings in a configuration file. The settings can be modified at any time through the app commands. If you need information about the status of events sent to the tempo-api, debug can be set to true. If and when you don't need to see these events anymore, debug can be turned off by setting it back to false. Tracked/untracked repos can be altered at all times.

Available commands are:



Tempo: Toggle debug

Set 'debug' to on/off

Tempo: Don't track current repository

Don't track current repository

Tempo: Track current repository

Track current repository

Tempo: Reset

Reset all configurations for the extension

Tempo: Open My Work

Go to Tempo's My Work page

Tempo Status Indicator

The status indicator is available to customers using Tempo Time Tracking for VS Code v. 1.0.0 and higher.

To allow you to easily monitor whether Tempo is tracking your time while you work, Tempo includes a status indicator in the bottom bar of VS Code. You can click on this status indicator and select Track (in the dialog box that appears to the right) to start the tracking process. If you'd like to stop tracking, simply click on the status indicator again and select Ignore.

The Tempo status indicator provides visibility into the status of your time tracking via the following messages:

  • Tempo: Initializing - application is starting.

  • Tempo: Tracking repository - indicates you have started tracking but no event has been sent to our servers.

  • Tempo: Last event sent <hh:mm> - indicates you have started tracking and shows the time the last event was sent to our servers.

  • Tempo: Not tracking repository - indicates you have ignored the tracking option.

  • Tempo: Repository not found - flags the fact that Tempo cannot locate the current open folder as a part of a git repository.

  • Tempo: Unauthorized - flags the fact that Tempo is not authorized. Clicking on this message allows you to start the authorization flow.

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