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Workflow Stages

Structure.Deliver provides a workflow for the planning and execution of deliveries.

Deliver Workflow

To view deliveries at each stage of the workflow, click the appropriate link in the left navigation bar. To move deliveries between stages, use the Actions menu.

Workflow Stages


When a delivery is first created, it is placed in the delivery backlog. This workflow stage provides a place to record upcoming deliveries.


When a delivery is placed in the planning stage, Structure.Deliver provides additional per-team planning tools. These tools are used to record expected scope and throughput from each team on the delivery, and to make adjustments that affect the target date for each team to complete their work. Structure.Deliver will use these planning values in order to track against actual progress as the teams refine scope and complete work when the delivery is in the In Development workflow stage.

In Development

When deliveries are in development, Structure.Deliver tracks the metrics for each team and compares them against the planned values set during the planning stage.


Once all the work has been completed for a delivery it should be moved to the done workflow stage.

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