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Editing Worklogs in Bulk

To access the Bulk Worklog Editor, you require the Delete All Worklogs and Edit all Worklogs permissions for Jira projects (Project Permissions).

The Manage Worklogs permission is required for an individual team (Tempo Team Permissions)

The Manage Worklogs permission is required for all or multiple teams (Permission Roles for Multi-Team and Full User Access)

You can use the Bulk Worklog Editor to edit the account selected with the Account work attribute, as well as edit the number of Billable hours, for multiple worklogs at once. A maximum of 1000 worklogs can be edited at once.

Watch our video: How to Edit the Billable Hours in Worklogs in Bulk

Edit the Account Selected or Billable Hours Set in Multiple Worklogs

  1. Open the Bulk Worklog Editor from the Logged Time report, the Team Timesheet, or the Account Timesheet.

  2. Once you select the Bulk Edit option, you will see all the worklogs displayed as a list with description, date, hours logged, issue, and user.

    You can select or deselect a single or multiple worklogs using the checkbox. By default, all the worklogs are selected. To deselect all of them, click the checkbox in the header. To proceed to the next step, you need to choose at least one worklog.

    If you choose to exit from the screen, you can use the browser's back button. You can perform multiple bulk edit operations with different filters by opening the Bulk Editor in a new tab.


  3. From the Select Bulk Action dropdown, select Edit.

  4. Do either of the following, depending on what you want to edit: edit the Account selected in the worklogs or edit the billable hours in the worklogs.

  5. To edit the Account selected with the Account work attribute in multiple worklogs:

    Click the Account dropdown, which uses the name of the Account work attribute when it was created. In this example, the work attribute is called Tempo Account.

    Select an account from the list. This list shows all the accounts linked to the related Jira projects including global accounts. You can also clear the account for the selected worklogs by clicking the checkbox Set value to "None".

    The Set value to "None" checkbox appears only when the Account work attribute is marked as notrequired.


  6. To edit the number of Billable hours in multiple worklogs:

    In the Billable hours text box, enter the number of billable hours to be set for all the selected worklogs. The hours can be 0 or any number of hours that you want to set for all the selected worklogs.

    Check the box Set the billable hours same as logged hours if you want the billable hours to match the logged hours in each worklog.

    When you enter a number, it automatically displays as hours. The number after the decimal is considered as minutes. Example: If you enter 4.5, it is converted to 4h 30m.

  7. Click Next to continue. A confirmation dialog appears to confirm the changes you made. Click Confirm to proceed or Cancel to exit the operation.

  8. A success message is displayed when the worklogs are edited. If the operation fails, a list of error messages will be displayed. Click Acknowledge to go back to the Bulk Worklog Editor.

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