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Gantt Baselines

Gantt baselines allow you to take a snapshot of the current positions of tasks, groups, and milestones in the timeline, which can be placed alongside the chart at a future date. This allows you to see at a glance which tasks are behind or ahead of schedule - and how that impacts the project's timeline.

Creating a Gantt Baseline

To create a new baseline, open the Baseline menu in the Structure.Gantt toolbar and select Create New.

Add a baseline to the Gantt chart

Give the baseline a name and select Gantt baseline from the Type dropdown.

Select baseline type

In order to create a baseline, you must be the structure owner or have Edit permissions for the structure.

Viewing a Baseline

Once you've created a baseline, it will appear in the chart as dotted line taskbars. Since the baseline is based on the current task positions, the baseline bars will be in the same location as the current task. As you adjust the chart, the baselines will remain in these locations, even as the current task bars change. 

Chart with Gantt Baseline

Baseline data is stored in Structure.Gantt storage. It has no effect on Jira.

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