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Cloning Multiple Issues

Structure allows you to copy the whole structure and clone all issues in the structure. See Copying Structure and Cloning Issues.

If you need to clone only some of the issue in the structure, you can use the following procedure:

  1. Select issues you'd like to clone using multiple selection.
  2. Use Copy action on the toolbar (or hit Ctrl+C / Command+C) to copy the issues to the Issue Clipboard.
  3. Use Structure | Create Structure menu and create a new temporary structure, let's call it T1.
  4. Open the new structure and use Paste action to add issues from clipboard.
  5. Copy and clone structure T1 – see Copying Structure and Cloning Issues. Let's name the resulting copy T2.
  6. Open T2, select all issues (use Ctrl+A / Command+A).
  7. Use issue clipboard in the same way to copy cloned issues back to the structure where they are needed.
  8. Delete structures T1 and T2.
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