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FAQ - Migrating to Data Center

How long does a migration from Jira Server to Jira Data Center take?

It depends. 

Factors like the size of your Server instances, how many Jira third-party apps you need to move, and the human resources available to you – whether it’s in-house help from your Jira admins or Atlassian Marketplace Solution Partners – are straightforward, but others may not be so obvious upfront. Perhaps the Jira apps you love on Server are not available on Data Center, or maybe you’d like to clean up your data before migration. All these extra decisions, and potentially additional tasks, can add months to your migration timeline. 

What efforts are needed to move Structure from Jira Server to Jira Data Center? 

Migrating Structure from Jira Server to Jira Data Center is quite a straightforward process that only requires backing up your old Server instance and then restoring it on the new Data Center instance. 

You can find the documentation here

What about Structure.Gantt, Structure.Pages, Structure.Testy, Structure.Deliver and Colors for Jira?  

For Structure.Gantt, the migration is the same as Structure. It can be migrated via Jira database backups, or Structure’s backup and restore feature. 

For Structure.Pages, Structure.Deliver, Structure.Testy, and Colors for Jira, the only option is to migrate using Jira database backups. 

Does Structure store any data? 

Structure doesn’t store any Personal Identifiable Information, but it does store data related to the configuration of the actual structures, such as:

  • Structure names, descriptions, and permissions

  • Hierarchies (referring to individual issues by their numeric IDs, without any field data; when Group automation is used, numeric IDs of grouped items, such as priority IDs, may also be stored)

  • Labels (when Group by Labels automation is used)

  • Group names for "Group Picker (single group)" custom fields (when those fields are used in a Group by Field generator)

  • Folders

  • Column configurations

  • Generator configurations (link IDs, issue type IDs, field IDs, JQL and Text queries)

How secure is Jira Data Center? 

Structure for Jira Data Center and all its extensions are Data Center-approved apps, which means they adhere to Atlassian’s “DC-readiness” program, which ensures that performance tests are regularly conducted to provide a performant, scalable user experience on Jira Data Center. 

They follow all of Atlassian’s guidelines for Data Center app development, and have undergone Atlassian’s DC Apps Security Scanner, which is “an internal tool that runs code analysis tools against all marketplace Data Center apps and provides feedback to developers to help them improve the security of their applications.” By taking part in this program, Structure subjects itself to regular security procedures. 

Structure is also a participant in Atlassian’s Bug Bounty Program, which means the app is routinely checked for vulnerabilities by penetration testers, to support our efforts in improving the security of our apps.

Structure also adheres to special SLAs should security-related issues arise. You can find those SLAs here.

Is Structure GDPR-compliant? What is your GDPR policy? 

Yes, Structure for Jira Data Center is GDPR compliant. Structure does not collect, store, or process Personal Identifiable Information.

You can find the Tempo Group’s GDPR policy here

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