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Sort Generators

Sort generators allow you to order your structure based on a Jira attribute, Structure attribute, or Agile rank. They can also be used to allow manual sorting for JQL-generated structures.

While sorting is possible from within the structure itself (by clicking the row you want to sort by), the Sort generator allows you to fully customize the ordering of items within your hierarchy - the top level can be sorted by one attribute, while lower levels are sorted by another. Or you can add several different sorts using a manual level range.

Placement matters. Generators only affect issues beneath them, so if you want to sort the entire structure, place the generator at the very top (by selecting the structure's name in the top row). If you place it anywhere else, it will only sort the items beneath it.

Customize Your Sort

Most of the options under the "Sort By..." Automation are applied the moment they are selected, and you will not be asked to set parameters for the sort. However, you can still customize a Sort generator by locating it within your structure and double-clicking its summary.

From the Sort by Attribute dialogue, you can select a new attribute to sort your structure by, change the level(s) within your hierarchy where the sort is applied, and/or change the order of the sort.

Sort generators can be applied to all levels, the current level only, or to a custom level range.

To customize these values right away, in the Automation | Sort by... menu select Attribute.

Level-based Sorting

If you want different levels within your hierarchy sorted by unique parameters, simply add multiple Sort generators, each with different Manual Sort Levels.

For example, if you need to quickly assess the progress of sprints across your organization, you could Insert issues from all active projects (and use Extenders as appropriate), and then apply the following sorts:

  • Sort by Project - Applied to the Top Level
  • Sort by Sprint - Applied to the Second Level
  • Sort by Progress - Applied to the Third Level

See Generator Scope to learn more about customizing levels.

If your hierarchy has some levels you don't want sorted, or multiple levels you want sorted by the same attribute, that's okay - just set a specific range for each type of sort.

Rank Sort

If you use Sort by Rank, Structure can update the Rank as a user moves issues up and down inside the structure.

Manual Reordering Generator

If your structure was built using a JQL Query Inserter, by default you will not be able to reorder issues within the structure. The Manual Reordering Generator allows you to move issues up or down, provided they remain at the same level within the hierarchy.

To move items between levels, you can enable Manual Adjustments.

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