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Structure License Parameters

The following parameters are displayed in the Current License section when you install a Structure license.



License Type

Commercial, Evaluation or other


Organization authorized to use the license

Serial Number

A unique number assigned to the license


If present, the license is not perpetual: it will expire at the specified date. After that date passes, Structure will not be available unless the license key is changed.

Maintenance Expires

If present, the license key can only work with the versions of Structure released prior to the specified date. If you need to use a newer version of Structure, you will need to renew maintenance.

User Limit

This is the maximum number of users allowed by Jira that are supported by this license key. The license that Jira runs on must allow this number of users or fewer.

Server ID

Although not shown in the license table, most licenses are tied to a specific Jira server ID and will not install on a server with a different ID. If you need to move a license key to a different server, please contact support.

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