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Expr Language - Operations

Expr provides basic arithmetic operations, comparisons, text operations and logical operations.

+ - * /Basic operators. When used, the value is converted to a number. Follows the general precedence rules for arithmetic, so (2 + 3 * 4 = 14).
= !=

Equality and non-equality: if either part of the comparison is a number, the other part is also converted into a number. If both values are texts, then text comparison is used.

Text comparison ignores leading and trailing whitespace and is case-insensitive (according to Jira's system locale).

< <= > >=Numerical comparisons. When used, both values are converted to numbers.
AND, OR, NOTLogical operations.
CONCATAn operation that joins together two text strings. Works similar to the function of the same name: a CONCAT b is the same as CONCAT(a, b).
( )Parentheses can be used to group the results of operations prior to passing them to other operations. 

Order of Operations

When several types of operations are used, they are done in the following order:

  1. Arithmetic operations
  2. Text operations (CONCAT)
  3. Comparison operations
  4. Logical operations. 

For detailed specification, see Expr Advanced Reference.

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