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Release Notes - July 2021

Monday July 26 - Friday July 30


  • We've made two exciting improvements to our Ideas module:

    • Scrolling through your Ideas list will now be snappier and more performant.

    • Newly created Ideas will now be automatically highlighted and scrolled into view!


  • We fixed a bug in the Feedback submission process that required a browser refresh for a new comment to appear. Now once you hit "Post", your comment will be visible!

Monday July 12 - Friday July 16


  • Thanks to a bug fix, deleted Items from your Jira project will now be identified on your roadmap, can be removed, and a successful sync will occur.

  • A small fix was made so all Item descriptions, past and present, will now appear as a tooltip on Item hover.

Monday July 5 - Friday July 9


  • Managing a large number of submissions in your Feedback Inbox? We’re excited to announce that you can now Edit & Delete Feedback! πŸ“

  • No more panicking about last-minute changes to your roadmap with the launch of locked formatting on views! Enjoy that extra level of security when putting the finishing touches on your roadmap. πŸ”’


  • We fixed a small bug that was causing a blank Ideas view after toggling scoring Factors. Prioritize away!


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