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Expenditure History

Consulting History

Tempo Budgets records all changes that occur on Folios and their data for auditing purpose. When an expense, revenue or staff member is selected, the details panel shows a History sub section, quickly accessible by clicking the corresponding icon (

) in the details panel's navigation bar.  The History section displays a table listing all changes that occurred on the selected item and their associated data, such as attachments, wages, availability and worked hours. Changes displayed include creations, updates and deletions and are sorted from the most recent to the oldest. An update is recorded for each modified field, so a single edition of an Expense can possibly add many rows in the History table. Also, if the table holds more than five entries, then some entries will be hidden by default: click the row showing ellipses (...) to expand the table and show all changes.

The History section is visible only to users who can edit the Folio, a.k.a Folio administrators.

TimestampDate and time at which the change occurred.
AuthorAvatar of the JIRA user who performed the change. Hovering the avatar brings up a tooltip with more info on the user. Clicking it takes you to the user's page.

Description of the change. It ends with the database ID of the modified item between square brackets.

Hovering the description of updates brings up a tooltip showing the value before and after the change.

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