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Collecting Support Zip

Tempo support may ask you to collect a Support Zip during a support case investigation.

To collect Support Zip, you will need System Administrator permissions in your Jira. You will also need a way to transfer files from the host that runs Jira instance.

If you do not have the required access, please ask your Jira administrator or your system administrator for assistance.

To collect a Support Zip please do the following:

Please note that the instructions below apply to Jira versions 7.4 and higher. In older Jira versions the 'Support tools' section has slightly different naming of options.

  1. Open Administration | System | Logging and Profiling page. 
    1. Enter STRUCTURE TROUBLESHOOTING into the Optional Message field, turn on Log Rollover and press Mark
    2. Scroll down and click Configure logging level for another package, enter package name  com.almworks then select logging level DEBUG and click Add.
  2. Reproduce the problem being investigated.
  3. Open Administration | System | Troubleshooting and support tools, switch to Create support zip tab. Customize zip and select options: Select options Jira configuration, Health checksJira application logs, Tomcat logs, Thread dumps. Unselect all other options. Save and Create zip. Once it is created, Download zip.
  4. Send the resulting ZIP file using the upload link, provided in the support request.
  5. After you've collected the support zip, you can go back to Administration | System | Logging and Profiling page and set the logging level for com.almworks to WARN - it's the default level.
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