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Staff Members Import

Below are some helpful tips when importing staff members from your CSV file into a specific folio:


Import Notes


Defines the role of the staff member

(info) Default value if none specified : *With no role


Defines the username of the JIRA user

(star) Mandatory - Must be a valid JIRA user


You can specify a description for the staff member

(info) Optional


Defines the reporter of the data

(info) Default value if none specified : The importer

Start date

Defines the start date of the availability or worked hours period or the date on which the cost rate is effective.

(star) Mandatory - must be specified in either case

End date

 Defines the end date of the worked hours period

(warning) Mandatory - must be specified in the case of a worked hours entry

Cost rate

Defines the cost rate of the staff member (hourly rate).

(info) Optional if the consulting revenue already exists in folio else must be defined.


Defines the availability ratio (%) of the staff member

(info) Default value if none specified : 100%

Worked Hours

Defines the hours worked in the period defined by the start date and end date

(info) Default value if none specified : Computed based on availability table

Overtime Hours

Defines the overtime hours in the period defined by the start date and end date
Will be ignored if no overtime rule associated with the member

(info) Default value if none specified : Computed based on availability table and Overtime rule

Overtime Rule NameThe name of the overtime rule to associate the member with.
(info) Optional
If name not found in the overtime list, no rules will be associated
Custom fields

Defines the value for a specific custom field

(info) Optional

Synchronized with JIRA worklogs

Specified if the staff member worked hours must be synchronized with JIRA worklogs

(info) Default value if none specified : false

You must have the edit rights on the folio to be able to import data.


Since FOLIO Version 7.0, staff member availability and cost rates must be on separate lines.


 "Category","Type","Name","Member","Description","Reporter","Cost Rate","Availability","Worked Hours","Overtime Hours","Start date","End date"
"SALARY","Administration","admin","admin","Project Manager","admin","45.00","","","","2014/07/13"
"SALARY","Administration","admin","admin","Project Manager","admin","","100.0000","","","2014/07/13","2015/03/30"

CSV Example for importing team members

"Category","Type","Name","Member","Description","Reporter","Cost Rate","Availability","Worked Hours","Overtime Hours","Start date","End date","Synchronized with JIRA worklogs","Overtime Rule Name"
"SALARY","Administration","admin","admin","Project Manager","admin","45.00","","","","2014/07/13","","false",""
"SALARY","Administration","admin","admin","Project Manager","admin","","100.0000","","","2014/07/13","2015/03/30","false",""
"SALARY","Developers","Michel dupont","mdupont","Intermediate J2EE developer","admin","35.00","","","","2014/07/13","","false",""
"SALARY","Developers","Michel dupont","mdupont","Intermediate J2EE developer","admin","","100.0000","","","2014/07/13","2015/03/30","false",""
"SALARY","Developers","Erika Lee","elee","Web designer","admin","35.00","","","","2014/07/13","","false","OT 1.5"
"SALARY","Developers","Erika Lee","elee","Web designer","admin","","100.0000","","","2014/07/13","2015/03/30","false","OT 1.5"

CSV Example for importing woked hours

"Member","Worked Hours","Overtime Hours","Start date","End date"

CSV Example for importing wages

"Member","Cost Rate","Start date"

CSV Example for importing allocations

"Member","Availability","Start date","End date"

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