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Time Tracker by Tempo for Chrome

Time Tracker by Tempo for Chrome lets you track time either within or outside of Jira in a Chrome browser in real time. You can start a tracker in your Chrome browser, assign it to a Jira issue, and then let it run while you're working outside of Jira.

In addition to using this tracker for a Chrome browser, you can run Tempo time trackers from other places to suit how you work:

Time Tracker by Tempo guides you through the installation process seamlessly. Add the Tempo extension to Chrome, then authorize Time Tracker by Tempo for Chrome to access Tempo Timesheets data on your Jira Cloud site. You are ready to begin tracking your work on any Jira issue or outside of Jira in your browser.

To install Time Tracker by Tempo:

  1. Select Apps on the Tempo sidebar.

  2. On the Tempo apps page, click the Install button on the Chrome tile. You will be immediately redirected to the Tempo extension on the Chrome web store. 

  3. Click Add to Chrome, and then click Add extension to confirm. 

For easy access, it is recommended to pin the extension to the browser by clicking on the Extensions icon.

  1. Click the Tempo icon at the top-right of your browser and select Authenticate with Tempo.

  2. A webpage appears to continue with the authentication. Click the Authorize for drop-down menu to open the list of sites (instances) you can authenticate with Time Tracker by Tempo and click Accept.

  3. After successful authentication, click the Close Tab to start the time tracker on the bottom right of your browser on any open webpage. If the tracker doesn't appear, you may try refreshing the page.


Configuring Browser Permission for the extension

The extension now appears on top of all browser tabs, hence we require the browser permission to Read and change data on all websites in Chrome settings.

In case you don’t want to provide this visibility to the extension, you can configure site visibility in Manage Extension.

  1. At the top right of your Chrome browser, right-click on Time Tracker by Tempo icon and select Manage Extension.

  2. Under Site access, click the dropdown menu and select On specific sites.

  3. Add the following URL(s) in the text box and click Add Site.

    • *://*

    • *://*

    • *://(your instance)* (Your tempo instance URL)


Disconnecting Time Tracker by Tempo to Connect to Another Jira Site

After you have logged into the Time Tracker by Tempo extension, you can easily disconnect it from one Jira site and connect it to another.

  1. Click the Tempo icon in the Extensions at the top-right of your browser.

  2. Click the logout icon.

  3. If you want to connect to another Jira site, click Authenticate with Tempo and choose the Jira site to which you want to connect from the list.

You can also install Time Tracker by Tempo directly from the Chrome Web Store. Enter Tempo in the search field, then click Add to Chrome. Navigate to your Jira cloud site and continue as described above.

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