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Release Notes - April 2022

Monday, April 25 - Friday, April 29


  • Field values for the Bucket field will now successfully retain the outlined order in the field card and reflect this in the swimlane visualization.

  • Looking to add field values to a field used as a header on your swimlane visualization? Now "Create New Value +" will be responsive and work properly, even if values are hidden.

  • The label style selected under fiscal year settings in date preferences will now successfully be applied to swimlane roadmaps.


  • Two updates to our Relates To Linked Item type:

    • The item link chain limit of 30 no longer applies to Relates To links

    • You can now push items with Relates to links to Jira and Azure DevOps when dates are mapped

Monday, April 18 - Friday, April 22


  • Syncing the Node Name field in an Azure DevOps-integrated roadmap will now properly populate with values, instead of remaining blank.

  • Adding a new Idea to your Ideas board will now keep it’s total score at the default value of 0, instead of incorrectly jumping to 25.

Monday, April 11 - Thursday, April 14


  • Published roadmaps once again have interactive items! Clicking on an item will now successfully open the item card, and you can navigate between linked items and sub-items in the item card without a hitch.

  • We resolved a "properties" error message that sometimes appeared when completing certain roadmap manipulations in a swimlane visualization. Everything should now be smooth sailing. ⛵️

Monday, April 4 - Friday, April 8


  • Parent items can now support Item Links that utilize the Relates To relationship type!


  • Users that have increased numbers of product areas and factors (in Feedback & Idea management) will no longer be impacted by item and field header cap limits in roadmapping.

  • Items table giving you some trouble? Thanks to a quick fix, future item changes will once again automatically be saved and everything should be operating smoothly. 

Monday, March 28 - Friday, April 1


  • Thanks to new warning messages, there are now guardrails in place to prevent accidental field value deletion in your important and agreed-upon Account Fields.

  • For teams set up to login via SAML/SSO, you can now streamline certificate updates and a number of other IdP-related changes through our friendly Support Team with additional SAML/SSO request types.


  • Thanks to the keen eye of a few Azure DevOps users, we were able to locate and remove a limitation on the maximum number of projects listed when selecting which project to synchronize with your roadmap.

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