Configuring Tempo data retention


How to configure Tempo data retention


Configuring data retention requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

Data retention settings are used in Tempo Timesheets for Cloud and Tempo Planner for Cloud to configure Tempo in accordance with your company's data retention policies.

You can specify how long to save your data, and when it is automatically deleted from your system.

  1. Select Settings Settings.png in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Under Data Access, click Data Retention.

  3. Specify whether to keep worklogs and plans forever or for a specific number of days. 

  4. If you choose to set a specific number of days to retain worklogs or plans, a box will appear where you can enter the number of days for which. you want to keep each type of record.

  5. Whenever you configure new data retention values, a pop-up will ask you to confirm the values you have entered by clicking Save or Cancel.


Any records deleted as a result of configuring these values are not recoverable.