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Customizing your Idea Views & Factors

Custom Idea Views

Switching to a Custom Idea View

In order to create a Custom Idea View in the Ideas module:

  1. Navigate to the Ideas module and click into the Change view dropdown

  2. Select the option + Create Custom View at the bottom of the menu

  3. In the New custom view modal window, enter the name for your custom view

  4. Click the Create button in the bottom-right corner to create the view

Once the new custom view has been created, you will be redirected to that view on your screen.

Prioritizing and Scoring a Custom Idea View

Prioritizing ideas

In Custom Idea Views, Ideas can be prioritized either using factors from the built-in Prioritization Views (Value vs Effort or R.I.C.E.) or by using the user-defined Custom Factors which you and your team can create as needed. Ideas within a custom prioritization view are scored based on the combined final score of all custom factors on the view and factor scores are carried across multiple views, so you can compare and contrast the viability of ideas based on a variety of frameworks.

Understanding Weighted Custom Prioritization Scoring

Custom scores are weighted equally unless otherwise specified by the user. The weighted score is calculated using a formula which depends on the number of factors, the weight they’re assigned, and the factor type.

Positive factors are multiplied by their weight and then added together, while negative factors divide into the sum of the positive factors. To simplify the formula, only one negative factor can be included in each calculation. 

For example, a sample formula with three positive factors would be calculated like this:


A sample formula with three positive factors and one negative factor would be calculated like this: 


When calculating a custom score, the four types of factors are taken into account accordingly:

  • 5-point Rating: Each coloured-in circle represents a number on a scale of 1-5

  • Numbers: Each number entered translates to that same digit in the calculation 

  • Checkbox: A score of 1 is assigned for a “No” response, while a 5 is assigned for a “Yes” 

  • Percentage: A decimal value is assigned based on a scale of 0-1 (for example, 100% is equal to a score of 1, 50% is equal to 0.5, and so on)

Updating a Custom Idea View


Like the factors and prioritization in a custom view, you can also customize the view itself. Custom views can be renamed or deleted by clicking the gear icon beside the name of the view. While renaming has no impact on users' ability to access the custom view, the view will become inaccessible to all users on the account if deleted.

Using Factors in Custom Idea Views

Working with Preset Factors


When working in Custom Idea Views, Roadmunk users will be able to select from a selection of preset factors that are already present on the built-in R.I.C.E. and Value vs. Effort views. These can be toggled on and off as needed and can be applied or removed at any time.

Working with Custom Factors


Customizing your idea views 3.gif

To ensure that you're able to prioritize your data effectively and create a view which most accurately reflects your team's needs, Roadmunk allows users to create a limited number of custom factors. These custom factors can be one of several types: a 5 point rating, numeric value, checkbox, or percentage score. In addition to that, users are able to select whether or not the factor is a positive factor or negative factor in relation to the other custom and preset factors available for scoring purposes.

To create a custom factor:

  1. Navigate to the Ideas module and click into the Change view menu

  2. Select a Custom View from the drop-down menu

  3. In the custom view, click into the Add Factors button on the right side of the view

  4. At the bottom of the menu that appears, select + Create Custom Factor (_ of _ remaining)

  5. In the New Custom Factors menu, specify the new custom factor's name, type, and sign

  6. When complete, click the Create button to add the new custom factor to your idea view

NOTE: Users in our Business, Professional, and Enterprise plans can create up to 25 custom factors. Each custom Prioritization View supports 25 factors, and this can include a combination of preset and custom factors.

Weighting Custom Factors in Prioritization Views

Adding weight to ideas

To ensure that the custom factors are weighted appropriately for your prioritization framework, you can adjust the weighting of factors within a custom prioritization view. In order to do so, you would need to navigate to your custom view and

  1. Navigate to a custom view within your Ideas module.

  2. Select the Edit Factors button in the top-right corner.

  3. In the menu that appears, select Set Custom Weight in the top-right corner.

  4. In the window that appears, you will be able to see options for both positive and negative factors which have been created on the roadmap:

    • Positive factors can be custom weighted so long as the weights of all factors equal 100%. This can be applied to all positive factors within the prioritization view.

    • Negative factors can be used to divide the total score by a specific value. Only one negative factor can be used in this way.

Once the custom weights have been set, the Custom Score column will be updated to reflect these changes.

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