REST APIs for Jira Cloud


Overview of the REST APIs that can be used to migrate Tempo data to Jira Cloud

A note on Tempo REST APIs

All Tempo REST APIs use OAuth authentication. They are permission-restricted so we advise that you create a machine-to-machine access token to ensure the REST endpoint returns all worklogs. Be advised that the machine-to-machine access token expires after 60 days so you will need to make sure that you have a function in place that renews your token when it expires. 

All our REST APIs are documented in our developer section for Tempo Cloud.

For any requests to Jira (necessary to update issues) you will need an API token from Atlassian. The API token is then used with basic authentication where the email address of your Atlassian ID is your username and the API token serves as the password. You can find more information about Atlassian API tokens here.

We recommend reading through the following sections to gather additional information on Tempo Cloud REST APIs and their usage.