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Configurable reports for users and groups are at the heart of Time Reports for Jira Cloud. You can configure each report, allowing you to analyze your Jira data to help you see trends and plan future projects more efficiently.

The reports can also be accessed using Jira gadgets on your dashboard. When accessed as a gadget, the full report view can always be opened by selecting the Open report page arrow.

To access the Reports pages:

  1. Select Time Reports from the Apps menu. You can also access the reports from the left navigation: Reports > Other > Time Reports.

  2. From the left navigation pane, select the report that you want to see.

  3. Enter your preferred settings for the report.


  4. You can see the current settings in the Filter Applied row at the top of each report page.

    You can then remove any of the filters or select the Make Default icon to save the settings for this report. Select Clear All to remove all of the filters for the report.

  5. If you add or remove filters, you may need to select Generate Report to refresh the page.


  6. If you want to rename the report name, hover over the name and select the Edit pencil icon.


For more information on the features of each report, visit the applicable page below.

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