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Get Started as an Administrator

As an Administrator or Jira specialist, you are responsible for installing and managing software and apps in your organization’s Jira instances.

Before You Begin

  • You must have Jira administrator permissions.

Capacity Insights is only available to Tempo instances hosted in the US. You can’t install Capacity Insights if your Tempo app is hosted in Europe.

Install and Configure Capacity Insights

  1. Install Tempo Capacity Insights.

  2. Create Tempo teams.

  3. Integrate with calendar and developer tools on the organization level.

  4. Connect your users to the integrated apps.

  5. Grant elevated permissions to managers or team leads.

  6. Prepare your Jira instance by setting up internal Jira issues.

  7. Enable Feedback Mode.

  8. Work on a few Jira issues.

All the time will be logged the next day. Any work on Fridays is logged on Monday.

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