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Connecting Users to Integrated Apps

After you’ve integrated an app for your organization, navigate to Manage Staff, select users, and then connect them with the app.

Before You Begin

  • You must be a Tempo Administrator to perform these steps. This is granted automatically to Jira admins.

  • You must install an app for the organization before you can connect users' accounts to the apps.

  • The app or service account used to connect to the app must have sufficient permissions granted.

  • Users can disconnect their own accounts from the integrated apps. If you’re not receiving a strong signal or their worklogs are significantly different than others, ensure that their accounts are connected to the integrated apps by viewing their connected apps in Manage Staff.

Connect User Accounts to an App

  1. Select Settings in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Open the Manage Staff page.

  3. Select the users you want to be integrated with an app
    Use the Search for staff option to filter your users to the specific groups you want to connect with an app, and then select all users in the group.

  4. Open the Actions menu, and select one of the following. Depending on how many users you have selected, this can take some time. If an integration app isn’t listed in the Actions menu, verify the items in the Before You Begin section.

    • Connect with GitHub - The app attempts to match the Tempo user account to the GitHub account.

    • Connect with Google Calendar - The Google service account attempts to connect the Tempo user account with the matching Google user account.

    • Connect with Office365 - The app attempts to match the Tempo user account to the Office365 account and read the calendar.

After the app is connected to the users' accounts, the selected users have an icon that indicates which apps they’re connected to. The icons also display if a user has connected to the app on their own.

Next Step

Grant permissions to users

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