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Getting Started with Capacity Insights

Capacity Insights makes it easy for product teams, portfolio managers, and leadership to quickly gain actionable insights and visibility into how product development efforts are aligned with business objectives, ROI, and team efficiency.

It independently assesses engineering effort spent on initiatives and associated investments. Capacity Insights operates in conjunction with Jira while offering an intuitive, low-effort way to record engineering efforts attached to specific Jira items.

For product and engineering managers, this means easy access to valuable data that provides visibility into project health, and that informs pivot/persist decisions.

For engineers, this allows them to gain insight into their own productivity levels and quantifiable statistics in a single location.

How to Get Started

Since different team members need different things to get started, first select your organizational role. These steps provide both how to get started with Capacity Insights and best practices.

Choose your role

I’m an administrator or Jira specialist

You are responsible for installing and managing software and apps in your organization’s Jira instances.

You install and set up Capacity Insights, and can return to perform additional administrative tasks, like enabling other integration apps or modifying user permissions.

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I’m a manager or team lead

You spend a majority of your week in project management, team management, or department management tasks. Your organization doesn’t necessarily want to track your time. You have a vested interest in what your teams are doing and how productive they are.

With Capacity Insights, you can view where your teams spend their time to help understand team priorities and align engineering efforts with business objectives.

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I'm an engineer

You spend a majority of your week coding or performing engineering related tasks. Your organization wants you to track how you’re spending your efforts.

With Capacity Insights, you could be asked to provide feedback to help improve the precision of the predictions. You are asked simple questions to verify issues you’ve worked on, and the time spent on those issues.

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Learn More

Guidance in the Getting Started section provides best practices for setting up and using Capacity Insights. Tempo endeavors to provide non-prescriptive tools so you can use and adapt the tools to your organization instead of the organization to the tool. While the Getting Started guide provides best practices, there are multiple ways and options to use Capacity Insights.

Consult the rest of the documentation for more in-depth information.

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