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Get Started as an Engineer

You spend the majority of your week coding or performing engineering-related tasks. Your organization wants to understand where you’re spending your time to help ensure that the projects you’re working on align with the organization’s business objectives.

Your Jira admin or team lead has added you to Capacity Insights, and automated effort tracking has been turned on for your team.

Check out the best practices below for more accurate insight into what you’re working on. Jira is the primary data source for this, so ensure you keep your tickets and ticket statuses up-to-date. We also recommend that you install an IDE extension and keep your calendars up to date.

Depending on how your administrator sets up Capacity Insights, you might be prompted to provide optional feedback.

Best Practices

Depending on how your organization is set up, your calendar, IDE, or code repository can also send data, such as meeting duration and commit times. To help keep your work attributed correctly, use the following best practices.

Associate Activities to Jira Issues

You or your administrator can connect your Tempo account to providers, such as calendars or GitHub, so that actions or activities you perform in those apps are reflected in Tempo.

We recommend that all commit messages, pull requests, and reviews have the associated Jira issue added to them and that you use the Jira issue as the branch name. This helps associate time spent with the correct issue and reduces the need to log time manually.

Keep Your Calendar Up-to-Date

As Capacity Insights consumes information from your calendar, it's important to keep your calendar up-to-date with items like vacation or other time off. Be descriptive with your non-work time blocks to help attribute time correctly. See Recommended Calendar Event Titles for more information. You should primarily see meetings attributed to “1:1s,” “Agile Meetings,” and “Staff Meetings.”

For more information, check out the full Best Practices.

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