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Best Practices for Capacity Insights

Capacity Insights relies on work signals generated by your teams, such as submitting code or attending meetings. To get the most out of Capacity Insights and to reduce potential overhead for your teams, we recommend the following best practices.

Best Practices for Automated Effort Tracking

To help increase the accuracy of the generated worklogs:

  • Block calendar for meetings with descriptive content and a Jira issue key (if available).

    • If not specified, meetings are attributed to “1:1s,” “Agile Meetings,” “Staff Meetings,” or “OOO.”

  • Set up the key Internal Issues with the Description text from the Setup guide.

  • Use the Jira issue key in the branch name or in the commit message when pushing to a repository. For example:

    • This commit message is easier to associate with the Jira issue:
      [KAN-123] updated CSS to reflect new icons

    • This commit message is difficult to associate with the Jira issue:
      Updated CSS with new icons

  • Add a build script or workflow action to validate if a Jira issue key exists on a pull request.

  • If you use GitHub, enable SSO to more easily integrate Capacity Insights with Github for your organization.

  • If you don’t install IDE plugins, the workday could be filled below typical working hours.

Best Practices for Reporting

To receive more valuable insights from Capacity Insights:

  • Set up Tempo Teams to mirror the product or project teams that you want to see where they’re spending their efforts on.

  • Ensure people are only members of one team.

  • Set up Tempo Accounts to help you categorize your efforts across multiple Jira projects and initiatives into meaningful categories for your analysis, such as roadmaps, tech debt, or maintenance work.

  • Associate Tasks and Stories to Epics.

    • Create maintenance epics to track efforts on bugs and unplanned enhancements.

    • Set up epics to track effort under Meetings and Time off.

  • Utilize Jira Premium to roll up Epics to Initiatives.

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