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Preparing Jira for Capacity Insights

Overhead activities - any time spent away from the core work, such as coding, code reviews, or problem-solving meetings - are difficult to track and appropriately attribute. Create an internal issue project to track non-project-related and non-billable activities, such as time off. These allow Capacity Insights to associate a calendar event with the overhead activity.

Users must be granted the Browse Projects and Work on Issues permissions for each Jira project where the Internal issues live. We recommend using a single Jira project to contain all internal issues.

Create a Jira Project for Internal Issues

  1. Create a Jira project with an easily identifiable name and key, such as Internal and INT.

  2. Grant the Browse Projects and Work on Issues Project permissions so that everyone in your organization can view and log time to the internal issues.

You can now create internal issues. You can add internal issues manually, or they can be automatically created for you when you enable effort tracking mode. For more information, or if you need to add the issues manually, see Creating and Configuring Internal Issues.

Next Step

Enable Effort Tracking Mode

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