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Enabling Effort Tracking Mode

Automated effort tracking is the mechanism used to receive work signals from Tempo teams or organizations.

If you create a Tempo Team, automated effort tracking must be rolled out per team. Individuals who are not team members can't participate in automated effort tracking.

If you didn’t create a Tempo Team, automated effort tracking is enabled for all Tempo users.

While you can select any effort tracking mode, we highly recommend using Feedback Mode. In this mode, worklogs are automatically created for your team members, and they are sent reminder emails to confirm that the worklogs are accurate. As Capacity Insights learns more about your organization, fewer reminders are sent. For more information about the different modes, see Enabling Automated Effort Tracking for your Team in the Admin Guide.

Managers can also enable Automated Effort Tracking for their teams after Capacity Insights has been enabled for the organization.

Enable Feedback Mode

  1. In Jira, navigate to Apps, and then select Tempo.

  2. Navigate to Tempo Settings :cogwheel: from the sidebar.

  3. Navigate to Effort Tracking Mode under Configuration.

  4. Select Feedback Mode.

  5. Select all teams or choose specific teams to participate in Feedback Mode.

  6. After you’ve confirmed your team choices, you’re prompted to Set up internal issues.

  7. Select your internal project and the issue type to assign to your internal issues, such as Task, and then confirm your selection.
    This creates a set of internal issues using the selected issue type.
    You can also add individual issues manually from Settings > Internal Issues. For more information, see Creating and Configuring Internal Issues

Members of the teams you’ve switched to Feedback Mode no longer need to enter their own worklogs. They will receive periodic email reminders (approximately every three days in the beginning) to verify their worklogs.

Set Up Complete!

You’ve completed the basic setup for Capacity Insights.

If you want to organize your projects or initiatives, you can create accounts.

More Information

If you want more information about any of the setup steps, check out the full Administrator’s Guide.

If you need more information about Timesheets by Tempo, check out the Timesheets Help Center.

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