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Granting Permissions to Users

As Tempo products work in conjunction with Atlassian Jira, Tempo uses three levels of permissions and uses Jira groups to manage those permissions:

  • Jira Global permissions

  • Jira Project permissions

  • Tempo Team permissions

Add managers, team leads, and executives to Jira groups so you can grant them elevated permissions to perform administrative tasks or to view data from all teams.

All users with access to your Jira site are added to the jira-software-user group and are granted access to Tempo apps by default. 

To ensure your users have the correct access:

  1. Grant global permissions to users.

  2. Grant project permissions to users. If you have a team-managed project, you have to individually grant permissions to the team.

  3. Create a Tempo Permission Role with access to all resources for your managers or executives.

Before You Begin

  • You must be a Jira Administrator to make these changes.

Grant Jira Global Permissions

While all users are automatically granted access to Tempo apps by default, you might want to control who can access Tempo. The following global permission controls access the Tempo app:

  • Tempo Timesheets Access

If you want to remove users from Tempo, remove them from the jira-software-user group or whichever user group you’ve designated to access the Tempo app.

Elevated Global Permissions

Grant the following global permissions to managers and team leads so they can perform some administrative tasks themselves, such as managing team members.

  • Tempo Team Administrator

  • Tempo Account Administrator

We highly recommend granting the Tempo Administrator permission to a group with multiple people so you have a backup administrator.

Grant Jira Project Permissions

All users should have the following Jira project permissions so they can perform work in the project:

  • Browse Projects

  • Work on Issues

  • Edit Own Worklogs

  • Delete Own Worklogs

Elevated Project Permissions

You must also grant the appropriate Jira project permissions to managers and team leads.

  • View All Worklogs

  • Edit All Worklogs

  • Delete All Worklogs

If you have an executive-only group, grant the View All Worklogs permission for all projects.

Grant Permissions for Classic Jira Projects

  1. Navigate to Tempo Settings, and then the Permission Overview.

  2. With the Global icon selected, open the link to the Jira Global permissions page.

  3. At the bottom of the page, under Grant Permission, select the permission you want to grant.

  4. From the Group list, select the group you want to grant the permission to, and then click Add.

Grant Permissions for Jira Team Managed Projects

  1. Select Project Settings - Access in your team-managed project, and then update permissions.

Create a Tempo Permission Role

Create a Tempo Permission Role with access to all resources in Tempo for executives and managers.

  1. Navigate to Tempo in the Apps drop-down menu.

  2. In Tempo Settings, navigate to Permission Roles.

  3. Add a permission role.

  4. Enter a name for the Permission role, such as Dashboard Viewer.

  5. Ensure that the permission role can:

    1. View Worklogs

    2. View plans

    3. View Team

  6. Set the role access to Full.
    If you want to control who can see the full picture, select Restricted, and then select the teams that the role can access.

  7. Add the Manager Jira group.

  8. Use the checkmark to save the role.

This allows anyone in the Manager Jira group with the Dashboard Viewer role to view worklogs and plans created by all Tempo teams and users.

Next Step

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