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Providing Feedback

Depending on how your Tempo administrator set up Capacity Insights, you might be prompted to provide feedback to ensure that Capacity Insights is tracking your work successfully.

Provide Feedback through Email

If you’re in Feedback Mode, you’ll receive an email from Tempo every few days that details what you’ve worked on and how long you’ve worked on it.


If the effort that was tracked is correct, click the Looks Good button.

If you need to make some changes, click the Review Time button. This opens a browser window to Tempo to step you through reviewing your logs.

If it’s been a few days, you might not have any logs to review.

Review Your Worklogs


Once you decide to Review Time from your email, follow the on-screen prompts to review your worklogs. You can also review other worklogs from the list of worklogs. Generally, you can review three days worth of worklogs.


If you’re missing a worklog, use the + Add worklog button. You’re also prompted to add any missing worklogs after you’ve reviewed your current queue.


Once you click Yay! I’m done, your review queue is cleared.

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