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Admin's Guide - Install and Set Up Tempo Apps

The following Tempo apps are combined to create our Professional Services Automation solution:

To be able to forecast revenue and compare actual to projected KPIs, all of these apps must be installed on your Jira instance.

A note about permissions:

Tempo apps operate within Atlassian Jira, so Jira permissions impact what you can and cannot do.

To perform some actions or roles, Jira permissions must be updated for that user or role in addition to Tempo permissions.

While going through the setup steps, pay close attention to the permissions required. We recommend that you create test accounts to ensure the permissions are correct for your users.

Before you begin

A Jira administrator must perform the installation steps.

We recommend using a Jira Administrator account to complete the setup steps, but you can switch to a more restrictive role when setting up Tempo.

Installation and setup steps

We recommend creating a Jira project where your team members can log time to non-billable work issues, such as vacation, travel, meetings, or company events.

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