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Checkpoint: Finish your install

You’ve completed the setup steps to enable monitoring and forecasting for your organization.

To recap, you have:

  • Installed Tempo apps
  • Set up Jira to work with Tempo
    • Set Timesheets by Tempo as your Time Tracking Provider
    • Set up Jira user groups
    • Granted Jira Global and Project permissions to users and groups
    • Added custom Tempo fields to Jira
  • Set up Tempo
    • Set up Tempo Teams and optionally linked them to Jira projects
    • Enabled approvals for plans and timesheets
    • Configured options for the Log Time form
    • Set up Tempo Accounts and linked accounts to Jira projects
    • Created workload and holiday schemes to more accurately project team capacity

Next steps

Now that you’ve got your basic setup done, let’s start planning time.

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