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Grant Jira Permissions

As Tempo apps are part of the Atlassian ecosystem, both Jira permissions and Tempo-specific permissions are set for each group.

Grant Jira Global Permissions

Global Permissions are Jira Global permissions that are added to the Jira site when you install Tempo apps. Jira administrators automatically have these permissions, but you must grant the following permissions to appropriate accounts or groups in your organization:

  • Tempo Administrator - grant this permission to managers or administrators who need to manage all Tempo apps.

  • Tempo Team Administrator - grant this permission to department or HR managers, project or team leads, or resource managers who need to manage the teams at an organizational level. Users with this permission cannot move team members between different types of working week or sets of public holidays.

  • Tempo Account Administrator - grant this permission to project or financial managers who need to work with client or financial data. Only users with Approve Timesheet permission can approve accounts.

  • Tempo Timesheets Access - grant this permission to any Jira user in your organization who needs to use Tempo Timesheets.

  • Tempo Planner Access - grant this permission to any Jira user in your organization who needs to use Tempo Planner.

  • Tempo Cost Tracker Access - grant this permission to any Jira user in your organization who needs to use Tempo Cost Tracker, such as project managers who want to track the costs of their projects and others who need to see this data.

You must also ensure that the atlassian-addons-admin group is set to all permissions in the Global permissions. 

Grant Global permissions for classic Jira projects

  1. Navigate to Jira settings > System > Global permissions.
    You can also navigate to Tempo SettingsPermission Overview, click the Global icon, and then select the link to open the Jira Global permissions page.

  2. At the bottom of the page, under Grant Permission, select the Tempo permission you want. See Global permissions for more information.

  3. From the Group list, select the group you want to grant this permission to, then click Add.

Grant Global permissions for Jira Team-Managed Projects

  1. Select Project Settings - Access in your team-managed project.

  2. Grant the permissions to your teams.

Grant Jira Project Permissions

Project permissions are project-level Jira permissions that affect access to Jira projects, their issues, and worklogs in Tempo. These are part of typical Jira project management tasks managed through the Jira permission schemes. 

These permissions are granted on a per-project basis. If you use Tempo with multiple projects, you must grant these permissions for each project.

Ensure the atlassian-addons-project-access project role is granted all permissions in the Project Permission Scheme of all Jira projects.

Grant classic Jira project permissions

  1. Navigate to your Jira Project > Project Settings > Permissions.
    You can also navigate to Tempo Settings > Permission Overview, click the Projects icon, and then open the Permission Schemes page.

  2. Grant the following permissions to all Tempo users. These permissions let users log time using Tempo and view, edit, and delete their own worklogs in Tempo.

    • Browse Projects

    • Work on Issues

    • Edit Own Worklogs

    • Delete Own Worklogs

  3. Grant the following permissions to the appropriate managers and team leads.

    • View All Worklogs

    • Edit All Worklogs

    • Delete All Worklogs

Grant Jira team-managed project permissions (formerly next-gen)

To see the issues and time records for a team-managed project, you must be a member of the project's board. You can go to the Project Settings of the project, and then select Access in the sidebar to see who has access to the project and/or grant access to it.

Roles (also known as permissions) control what each person can see and do on the project's board. To see Tempo data in your team-managed projects, you need to grant Tempo permissions for the project. Tempo permissions are granted by creating a new role and then selecting which Tempo permissions you want to apply to that role.

For more information about team-managed projects, see Atlassian's documentation.

To set Tempo permissions for a team-managed project:

  1. In your team-managed project, select Project Settings > Access

  2. Select Manage roles in the upper-right, then click Create role.

  3. Give your role a name, enter a description and assign relevant project permissions.

  4. Click the App permissions tab and go down to Perform "Tempo Base plugin" actions.

  5. Select the Tempo permissions for this role. You can select the checkbox at the top of the Tempo permissions list to select all permissions at once.

    • Log Work for Others - Permission to log time on behalf of other Jira users who have permission to log time for the project.

    • Set Billable Hours - Within the context of the project, permission to set billable hours of worklogs for the project in Tempo.

    • View all Worklogs - Permission to view all worklogs for the project in Tempo Timesheets.

    • View Issue Hours - Permission to access the total number of hours per issue, but not to see individual worklogs.

  6. When you're done, click Create. You can now assign the role to your team members on the Access page.

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