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Add the Tempo Custom fields to Jira Issues

To link your team to a project's issues, the Tempo Team Custom Field needs to be visible in your Jira screens. Jira Administrators can associate the Team field with the appropriate screens. 

Once this is done, you can link a team to their Jira issues using the Teams drop-down list. You must first link your team to the corresponding Jira project for their name to appear in the Teams list.

  1. Click Jira settings in the Jira sidebar.

  2. Select Issues.

  3. Under Fields, select Custom fields.

  4. Find the Tempo Team custom field.

  5. Click the ellipsis to the right, and then select Screens from the drop-down.

  6. Select the screen you would like to associate the field to (for example, the Default Screen, the Resolve Issue Screen, or the Workflow Screen).

  7. Click Update to save.

Add the Tempo Account Custom field

When you install Tempo, the Tempo Account Custom Field is also installed. There are three methods that you use the Tempo Account custom field for logging time depending on how Tempo accounts are set up in your company:

  • Using the Account field in the Jira issue view: all the time logged (all worklogs) to an issue will use the same account that is linked to it here. This takes the guesswork out of using the correct account when you log your time, and requires that you associate the Tempo Account custom field to the desired Jira issue screens.

  • Using the Account work attribute in the Log Time form: you select the account you want each time you log your time. This offers the flexibility of easily selecting from multiple accounts for a Jira issue. Each account is associated to an individual worklog.

  • Using both the Account field and work attribute: set up the preferred account in the Jira issue, then have the option to override this account in the Log Time form.

The Tempo Account custom field is displayed as a dropdown showing only accounts that are linked to the Jira project. If you don’t need to change accounts when you log time to an issue, and many companies don’t, the Account field in Jira issues is probably the best setup for you.

Add Tempo Account custom field to Jira issues

  1. Navigate to Jira settings > Issues.

  2. Under Fields, select Custom fields.  

  3. Go to Account, which is the Tempo Account Custom Field.

  4. Click the ellipsis (...), and select Associate to Screens from the dropdown.

  5. Select one or more Jira issue screens where you would like to associate the field (such as the Default Screen, Resolve Issue Screen, or Workflow Screen).

  6. Click Update to save.

Now the Account field will appear as a dropdown in the Jira issues that use these screens.

Adding the Account field as an Account work attribute

Creating work attributes requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

You can have accounts directly linked to worklogs by linking an Account-type work attribute so that an Account dropdown appears in the Log Time form. As with other work attributes, this Account dropdown is available for all Tempo users.

Work attributes are added as hidden fields by default. Modify the Log Time form to move them into the Visible fields section.

  1. In the Tempo sidebar, select Settings.

  2. Under Configuration, select Work Attributes.

  3. Click the + New Work Attribute button in the top right.

  4. Add a work attribute of the type Account.

  5. In the New Work Attribute form, enter the Name of the work attribute you want to create.

  6. If the attribute should be a required option, turn on the Required toggle.

  7. In Type, select Account. Only one work attribute can be defined as the Account type.

  8. Click Save to create the work attribute.

Link account to a Jira project

Now that the work attribute is created, you can link an account to one or more Jira projects when you create the account. You can link an account to multiple Jira projects.

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