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Expr Language - Texts

Text Strings

Text strings are a sequence of characters enclosed either in single (') or double quotes ("). Examples:

  • 'a text in single quotes may contain " (a double quote)'
  • "a text in double quotes may contain ' (a single quote)"
  • ""

Everything within a text string is retained exactly when the expression is evaluated or displayed, except for the following:

  • A sequence of two backslashes (\\) is converted to a single backslash (\).
  • A sequence of a backslash and a single quote (\') is converted to a single quote character (') for text values enclosed in single quotes.
  • A sequence of a backslash and a double quote (\") is converted to a double quote character (") for the text values enclosed in double quotes.

Text Snippets

Text Snippets allow you to generate strings using variables and expressions. This is particularly helpful in formulas that utilize markdown.When using text snippets:

  • The snippet should be enclosed with """ (three double quotes, at the beginning and at the end)
  • The expression portion of the snippet is introduced using the '$' symbol and should be enclosed in braces { }
""" $var1 + $var2 = ${var1 + var2} """
""" this $glass is half-${IF optimist: 'full' ELSE: 'empty'} """
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