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Setting up Cost Tracker

This section is intended for Jira administrators who are adding Cost Tracker to a Jira instance.

Because Cost Tracker allows users to view time logged by individual team members, set or edit cost rates, and view potentially privileged financial information, only a Jira administrator can grant access to it.

To set up Cost Tracker, you must:

  1. Install Cost Tracker

  2. Grant access to Cost Tracker using Jira groups

Before You Begin

  • You must be a Jira administrator for your Jira instance.

  • You must have Timesheets by Tempo installed on your Jira instance.

  • Ensure that the individuals added to the group granted access to Cost Tracker meet your organization’s requirements to view financial data and have the correct authorization based on your organization’s privacy policies.

Install Cost Tracker

  1. Log in to the Jira instance with Timesheets installed.

  2. In the Jira toolbar, click the Apps dropdown and choose Find new apps.

  3. Search for Cost Tracker by Tempo and click on the app tile.

  4. Click Try it free to install Cost Tracker.

Grant Tempo Cost Tracker Access to a Group

  1. In the Jira toolbar, click the settings icon and navigate to System > Global permissions.

  2. At the bottom of the page, under Grant Permission, select Tempo Cost Tracker Access.

  3. Select the group you wish to grant access, then click Add.

Members of the group now have full access to Cost Tracker.

This completes the steps that a Jira administrator must take to set up Cost Tracker. Any time a new user needs access to Cost Tracker, a Jira administrator must add them to a group with the Tempo Cost Tracker Access permission.

Next Steps

All other administrative actions can be completed by individuals with the Tempo Cost Tracker Access permission.

Cost Tracker users can create a new project, or modify global settings for other Cost Tracker users.

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