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Artificial Intelligence - FAQ

What is Tempo Automation?

Tempo automation is all about making it easy for you to log your time in Tempo Timesheets. See What is Tempo Automation for more information. Currently, in Tempo, we have automated time tracking using rule-based suggestions and artificial intelligence-based suggestions.

What is a rule-based suggestion?

Rule-based suggestions are coded logic through programming.

What is an artificial intelligence suggestion?

Artificial Intelligence is about enabling computers to perform specific tasks, not by programming them with rules, but by learning from data algorithms.

How is a rule-based different from Artificial Intelligence Model?

Artificial Intelligence is an enhanced version of Tempo Automation. Tempo is moving towards automating the time-logging process through Artificial Intelligence (AI) models by predictions.

I want to know who sees the activities that appear in my activity feed?

Only you can see your activities in My Work; no one in your organization can see them. Of course, when you log time to activities in My Work, the resulting worklogs can be viewed by those with the appropriate View Worklog permissions.

How are the models predicting the suggestions?

These predictions are based on the data like worklogs, calendar event titles and descriptions, Jira Ticket Summary, and historical logged time of all Tempo Timesheets users. All these details are taken as input and produce an Activity Card as output.

Why is the model predicting wrong suggestions for my calendar events?

As the model learns, it provides more accurate suggestions, making logging your time faster and easier.

These could be the possible reasons for (but not limited to) the model providing incorrect suggestions:

  • In the past, you may have logged time for the same meeting using the incorrect Jira issue key.

  • The model learns from behavior and patterns through historical data of the logged time of all Tempo users.

  • When you start logging time on the correct Jira issue, the model starts to learn and provides the correct suggestion.

The model predicted an incorrect Jira issue key. How can I change the issue key?

You can always edit the issue key by clicking the Edit icon on the activity card. See Editing an activity for more information.

Do I get suggestions from the Enhanced connection or the Basic Calendar connection?

The Enhanced Calendar with automation includes Tempo Automation which helps you log time faster by displaying your calendar events as activities in your Activity Feed. To learn more about either option, see Understanding the difference between Basic and Enhance Calendar connections.

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