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View capacity

Jira Epics and Team Permissions are required to view capacity. Changes made at the Jira Epic level are automatically updated in the Capacity dashboard. Capacity data is calculated based on the selected teams in Team Planning view and for the selected quarterly period.

Team managers must have Manage Team permissions to the teams they are viewing the capacity for.

You can launch the team capacity dashboard from the Teams module. Click Teams in the sidebar then select the Capacity tab.


The team capacity data is generated based on the Epics assigned to the teams selected and for the selected quarterly period. All calculations are presented in FTE terms, where the FTE of a of a single team member is the required workload of that user divided by default workload, as defined in the workload scheme.

Team capacity is the sum of the capacity of all the team members.

Viewing Capacity per Team

Select a team from the team capacity table to explore the breakdown per the Epics' plans and the estimates for the selected quarter.

  1. In the Capacity dashboard scroll down in the teams table and click on the arrow in the last column of the selected team. This opens the teams breakdown.

  2. In the tiles the team name shows the number of members in the team and the Team FTE information. Hover over the labels to read the tooltips:

    • Size is the total team FTE capacity for this quarter

    • Blocked Time is the time already assigned for work including time allocated for any vacations and meetings

    • Availability is the total available time (not yet allocated) for this quarter, calculated as the difference between Size and Blocked Time.

  3. Hover over the information icon in Blocked time to see in the tooltip how much of the blocked time is allocated and how mush is blocked for vacations.

  4. The Planned Quarterly Work (FTE) tile shows the Total FTE effort, the total in progress FTE effort and the total completed FTE effort, calculated for the selected quarter per planned Epics.

    • Total effort across the Epics, presented in the Quarterly Effort (FTE) column in the table for the selected quarter. The Effort is the Jira Epic's estimated effort.

      If the total effort is estimated to be more than the team's availability, the value is displayed in red.

    • In Progress effort is the quarterly effort of Jira Epics with 'In Progress' resolution. This is the total of the Status column (In progress) of the Epics.

    • Completed effort is the quarterly effort of Jira Epic's estimated effort with the Completed resolution. This is the total of the effort with the Status column (Completed).

  5. To view the related Jira Epic, hover-over the Epic name and click on the pencil icon to edit the Jira Epic from within Tempo Planner.

  6. Make changes to the Epic, this will update the Jira Epic, the Team Planning view and the Team Capacity calculations. See edit the Epic card.

  7. Click Done or Cancel. The changes made are updated and capacity is recalculated for the selected quarter. The Epic details are presented in the table of Epics for the selected quarter.

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