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Plan Your Work

You do not need to be a Jira admin to plan work.

Permissions needed to perform tasks in this area:

  • View Plans (per team)

  • Manage Plans (per team)

  • Approve Plans (per team)

  • Enable Plan Approval (per team)

With Planner by Tempo, you can plan work for upcoming sprints or projects months down the road, schedule the right resources at the right times, and predict the need to hire as your business expands. You can also plan for multiple team members to work on a single Jira issue.

Using the data collected through the Professional Services Automation solution, you can view tangible, quantifiable time data, which can then be used to determine where change is needed.

When planning work, this is the most common workflow:

Open Planner

Plans are generally created in Planner using the Resource view. You can also plan your work in Jira and import the plan into Planner to take advantage of the reporting, visualization, and forecasting features.

  1. In your Jira project, click Apps, and then click Tempo.

  1. Click on the Planning icon.

The Resource view opens. By default, the Weeks view is selected, which is ideal for medium to long-term planning. We use the Weeks view for this guide.

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