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Group Teams Together into Programs

Creating programs for teams requires the Tempo Team Administrator permission.

A program is a group of teams, or "team of teams", often created for the purpose of managing several teams working together on a common project. Teams that are associated with different Jira projects can be added to the same program. Each program has a manager who has a high-level overview of the capacity and progress of the program's teams. 

  1. Select Teams in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. In the Teams view, click Programs.

  3. Click the Create Program link at the top-right and fill in the fields in the form:

    • Name - Enter a name for the program.

    • Manager - Assign a program manager. This manager will have the permissions to manage and plan work for the teams in the program.

    • Teams - Select the teams you want to include in the program. You can also specify the Program for a team when you create it, or after you've created it. A team can be a member of only one program at a time.

  4. Click Create to create the program.


Adding and removing teams from programs

You can add and remove teams from an existing program.

  1. On the Programs page, click Edit in the Action column for the row containing the program for which you want to add or remove teams.

  2. To add teams, click and select a team from the Teams drop-down list. A team can be a member of only one program at a time.

  3. Click Save when done.


If you delete a program, the teams that are part of the program are not deleted.

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