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Enabling Jira Epic Estimates for Capacity Planning

In the Team Planning view, enable the option to use Jira Epics' original estimates in team plans.

Jira Epic For Effort Estimates in Hours and in FTE

In the Team Planning View, the teams' estimate efforts can be shown in hours and in FTE units. The FTE estimate is calculated based on the start date, the end date, the original estimate and default Workload Scheme in the Workload Scheme settings.

To show the team's projected effort in hours and FTE, you must prepare the following:

  • Populate the Original estimate field in the Jira Epic.

  • Add the Time Tracking field to the required Jira issue screen


To view the team's projected effort in hours and in FTE:

  1. In the Team Planning view, refresh the browser after changes are made in the Jira Epic and the Jira issue screen settings.

  2. Hover over the team's plan card and click the pencil icon to open the Jira Epic window.


  3. You can edit the Original estimate to change it in Planner and in the Jira Epic. The Original estimate is shown in hours (h) and in FTE units.

    You can only change the Original estimate in Team Planning View, if you have the Time Tracking field configured in the issue screen; otherwise, a Jira error message is displayed.


    • The Original estimate in FTE converts the Original estimate in hours to full time work units in FTE. The FTE value on the card is rounded up to 1 decimal point.

    • It is calculated based on the value of the Original estimate divided by the number of required hours equivalent to full-time work in your organization. The FTE unit is defined by the default Workload Scheme for your organization in the Workload Scheme settings.

    • For example, 1 FTE unit normally equals 40 hours/week, defined as the required hours for full-time work. Some organizations might equate 1 FTE unit to 37.5 hours/week based on the default workload scheme for full-time work.

  4. The Remaining estimate includes the value in the Jira Epic of the estimated remaining hours from the original estimate. This value is the original estimate minus the hours logged for the Epic as it is manually entered in Jira.

    If the remaining estimate is not set in Jira, then the original estimate value is used.

  5. Click the Issue key value to open the Jira issue in a separate window. Updates made in the Epic card are also updated in the Jira issue.

  6. Click Done to save your changes. Those are immediately updated in Jira and on the Team Planning view. You can also use the manual sync option to update Jira.

    In the Team Planning view, the FTE estimate is shown on the Epic card. Epic cards that don't show FTE estimates are not set up properly, as described above.


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