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Track Work

Now that you’ve planned your work, let’s track the progress of your projects.

You need the following permissions to accomplish the tasks in this section:

  • Work on Issues

  • Log Work for Others

  • Edit All Worklogs

  • Delete All Worklogs

  • Set Billable Hours

  • View All Worklogs

  • View Issue Hours

  • View Worklogs

  • View Plans

  • Browse Projects

Use Timesheets by Tempo to understand why and how your organization’s time and money are being spent. Collect and report on time-tracking data, review streamlined cost reporting, or view project progress and billable hours.

The data collected through Tempo allows you to track:

  • Time - Increase productivity and efficiency by understanding where time is spent. Make better estimates on future projects based on time tracked to previous projects.

  • Billing - Track billable hours to streamline the creation of accurate invoices for external customers or interdepartmental billing.

  • Cost capitalization - Track hours spent on Capex work for R&D tax credits and on Opex for accounting of labor costs.

Open My Work

The My Work view provides a calendar and list view of your activities and logged time. You can log time, submit your timesheet, and view your timesheet from this page.

  1. In your Jira project, click Apps, and then click Tempo.

  2. Click My Work from the Tempo sidebar.

My Work opens by default to the List view.

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