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Create Project Portfolios

The Project Portfolios feature can facilitate the work of managing multiple projects aimed at achieving the same objectives. Projects can be grouped together in a Portfolio to gain insight into how a portfolio is performing based on the aggregated budget, cost, revenue, and scope of the projects in the portfolio.

Portfolio managers are able to create different portfolios and pull in the relevant projects. This provides the ability to track project metrics such as the remaining budget, time spent, and progress at the portfolio level.

To create a Cost Tracker Portfolio:

  1. In Cost Tracker, click the Portfolios tab to access your portfolios.

  2. For a first-time user, the empty portfolio page prompts you to create a portfolio. Click the Create Portfolio button.

  3. In the Create Portfolio window, enter the Name.

  4. Select Projects to add to your portfolio.

  5. Click to select from a list of projects, or enter a string to start searching for the projects you want to add.

  6. Click the back arrow when done selecting the projects in order to return to creating your portfolio.
    The number of Selected projects is shown versus the number that remains Unselected for this Portfolio.

  7. Optional: Enter the Description to be given to the new portfolio.

  8. Optional: Select a Color Tag that visually identifies the new portfolio by color.

  9. Click Create Portfolio.

  10. View the Summary of the new portfolio.

The Portfolio tab now displays the breakdown and details of the new portfolio you created with the calculated metrics, parsed based on the data included in the projects that were added.

View Project Portfolios

Project managers can create project portfolios by grouping together projects that have similar objectives. For example, projects of the same department or business line can be grouped in a portfolio to give project managers an overview of their current state and timeline. They can also be associated with any number of portfolios.

Your managed portfolios are available to you as the portfolio manager in the Portfolios page. Click on the Portfolios tab to open the portfolios page. You can:

  • Search for Portfolio names in the Search for Portfolios box. This narrows down the search results in case you have a large number of portfolios.

  • Pin a portfolio to move it up the list of Project Portfolios. Click the three dots and click Pin.

  • Pinned Portfolios are shown with the pin icon.

  • Configure a Portfolio. Click on the three dots and select Configure.

  • Delete a Portfolio. Click the three dots and select Delete.

To view a portfolio, select one of the portfolio tiles.

Portfolios report on the progress of the projects that contribute to the overall performance of the managed portfolios via metrics such as budgets, revenues and project timeline. For each portfolio:

  • The Summary page is displayed to provide a dashboard-style view of the Cost Tracker Portfolio.

  • The Timeline page provides a visual representation of the portfolio's progress in a swimlane view for the currently active projects in the portfolio.

Portfolio Summary

The portfolio's Summary page consists of read-only tiles that highlight the definition and the progress of the portfolio and a list of projects that the Portfolio's calculations are based on. Portfolios report on the progress of the projects that contribute to the overall performance of the managed portfolios via metrics such as budgets, revenues and project timeline.The tiles describe the:

  • Portfolio Information -This displays the owner, the description of the portfolio and the total number of projects. Click Full Description when the description is long.

  • Performance Breakdown - This is a breakdown of the total calculated Budget, Cost, Revenue and Scope of all projects contained in the portfolio.

  • Teams - This summarizes the team's total members, effort and labor costs as well as the average cost rate contributing to the portfolio. The Total Staff value represents only unique members with Time Spent greater than 0.

Totals are not calculated when different currencies are used in Portfolio projects for Total Cost, Total Budget, Total Revenue, Total Labor Cost and Average Rate. A N/A value indicates that totals are not calculated.

The summarized information is based on the projects that are added to the Portfolio. The list of projects is displayed in the project table. You can click on the projects to open them in Project Overview.

Portfolio Timeline

The portfolio's Timeline page lists the progress of the active projects in a horizontal bar view in a monthly or quarterly span. The timeline is based on each project timeframe, or on a fixed timeframe. If a project has a scope and worklog, those are calculated and displayed in the Timeline.

  • Click to select Months or Quarters View.

  • Click to Include Completed Projects

  • Completed projects are excluded by default.

The project's name and the scope of the number of Work Days are shown on each row. The number of Work Days is based on the defined work schedule in Tempo.

  • Hover-over the horizontal bar to see a tooltip that includes the start date and the end date

  • Horizontal bars can span wider than page. Scroll horizontally to explore the entire timeframe.

Projects in On Hold status are not presented in the Timeline view.

Managing Projects in Portfolios

A portfolio manager can search, add, associate, export or delete Portfolios.

Add Portfolio projects

  1. Click the Portfolio tab and select the Portfolio tile you wish to work on.
    Only Portfolios that you own are displayed.

  2. In the Summary page, scroll down to the Search for Projects in this Portfolio box and type the name of the portfolio you are searching for.

  3. Click the Add Projects button.

  4. Select the projects in the Add Projects window.

  5. Search for the projects in the Search Projects box to easily find the projects you want to add to the Portfolio.

  6. Click Add Projects when done.

Associating a Project to Many Portfolios

You can easily navigate between projects and Portfolios and associate Portfolios directly from the project page. If you created at least one Portfolio, then a navigation shortcut is created when browsing through your projects. The shortcut allows you to easily navigate to all associated Portfolios, or to add the project to your Portfolios.

  1. In the Portfolio's Summary page, click on an individual project to navigate to the Project Overview page.

  2. To open the project page in a separate tab, press CTRL +left click.

  3. In the Project Overview page, a Portfolio label is shown next to the project name that acts as a shortcut to Portfolios. It indicates that the project is associated with portfolios. If you don't have any Portfolios then the label will not appear.

  4. Hover over the Portfolio label, then click to see a list of portfolios that the project is associated with:

    • Note

    • The Portfolio label only appears if you have created at least one Portfolio.

      • The label will indicate if the project is associated with one or more portfolios.

      • If the project is associated with one Portfolio, the tooltip will list the name of the portfolio.

      • Click on the label to open the list of portfolios. To open the portfolio page in a separate tab, press CTRL+left click.

      • Click on + to add Portfolios from the list directly to the project.

      • Use the search box to find the Portfolios you want to add.

      • Click Apply and Close.

The project is added to all selected Portfolios.

Configuring Portfolios

In the Configuration tab a Portfolio owner can make changes to the Portfolio properties.

  1. Click the Portfolio tab and select the Portfolio tile you wish to manage.

  2. Only Portfolios that you own are displayed.

  3. Click the Configuration tab.

  4. Make changes to the Name of the Portfolio.

  5. Select a Color Tag for your Portfolio.

  6. Add a brief Description for the Portfolio.

Sharing Portfolios

Portfolios are private by default, but owners can share their Portfolios with others, such as project managers. Project owners and collaborators of projects that are part of the shared Portfolio are granted read-only access.

Project stakeholders can only view the shared Portfolio and its projects for the sharing duration before Portfolios are switched back to private, then they can no longer view those Portfolios.

Shared Portfolio Permissions

If you're not a Portfolio owner, you may be granted access permission to Portfolios that are set to Shared.

  • If you are managing at least one project in the shared Portfolio. This allows you view-only access to the Portfolio

  • No edits are allowed to the shared Portfolio but you are able to extract the project data to a .CSV file

  • Only your projects are visible to you in the Portfolio. All other projects will be hidden from the Portfolio and metrics are calculated based on the scope of the projects that you have permission to view

Your access is revoked when:

  • The Portfolio is switched to private and is no longer shared

  • All your projects are removed from the shared Portfolio

  • You are no longer a collaborator or owner of the projects in the shared Portfolio

To share a Portfolio:

  1. Click the Portfolio tab and select the Portfolio tile that you wish to work on.

  2. Do either of the following:

  3. Click the Configuration tab and select Sharing in the left panel.

  4. In the Summary or Timeline screens, click the Share button in the top-right corner.

  5. If this Portfolio is not already shared, click the Share Portfolio button on the Sharing page.

  6. Click Yes in the Share Portfolio message window to confirm it.

  7. This Portfolio is now shared only with project collaborators within this Portfolio, they now have view-only access. A share image

    on the Share button indicates a shared Portfolio, displayed in the top corner of the pages or the Portfolio tile.

To stop sharing this Portfolio and switch it to private mode, click Stop Sharing on the Portfolio Configuration>Sharing page and confirm the message.

When the Portfolio is switched to private all project collaborators will lose access to view it. The Shared label next to the Portfolio tiles disappears.

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