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Create a Time-based Tempo Project

In Cost Tracker, projects can be created based on a currency that calculates hourly rates or can be based on time that calculates hours worked.

You can create your projects as Monetary-based or as Time-based; where monetary-based calculations are per selected currency, and time-based calculations are per labor hours. For enterprises that operate on a budget per hour, a Time-based project can help them track the tasks and the project metrics per labor hours.

  1. Click the Create Tempo Project button on the Cost Tracker home page.

  2. Select your Jira filter in Scope.

  3. Select Time-based as the Project Type. Costs, revenue, and budget are calculated based on labor hours.

  4. Click Create.

A Time-based project is created based on the selected filter, and project metrics are presented in worked hours. This project is based on a budget in hours, where scope, cost, and team information are based on hours. Project revenues and budget milestones are calculated in terms of hours.

View project metrics based on a budget in hours

Certain tabs and fields are hidden from Time-based projects as those include metrics that are only relevant to Monetary-based projects, such as the Expenses tab being hidden from the project page.

In a Time-based project, click the Overview tab and hover over the graph to see the cost, budget, and revenue based on worked hours. CAPEX and OPEX accounts are also represented in worked hours.

The budget milestone and revenue tracking can be set in the Configuration tab where project calculations are based on time spent working on project tasks. The revenue is calculated based on the time spent and billable hours, as displayed for each member in the Team tab.

If the Project Time Approval is enabled in the Configuration tab, then Time spent and Billable hours are presented in time instead of currency.

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