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Assigning Roles to Team Members

Cost Tracker uses the list of roles defined for your organization in Tempo Teams Roles. You can add, edit, and delete team roles, as well as specify the default role for your organization from the Tempo Settings > Team Roles page.

Before You Begin

Assign a Role to Your Project Team Members

  1. Open a Cost Tracker project.

  2. Click Configuration in the upper right.

  3. Select Members & Roles in the left panel.

  4. Select a role from the drop-down list for the individual team member.


    The last role used for any user in a project is considered a preferred role. When the same user is added to another project, the 'preferred role' is automatically selected.

If you do not assign a role, the default role for your organization is applied – the default Tempo role is member.

  1. To change the role of the team member, select a role from the list in the Role column.

    The role is changed for this team member.

  2. You are prompted to apply the global rates that are assigned to this role or to opt-out and continue using the existing rates.

    • If you want to apply the global rate and any global effective rate, click on Apply Global Rates. This replaces any previously defined rates for this team member.

    • If you do not want to apply the global rate, close the notification. This gives you the option of changing the role of the team members and keeping the rates that were previously defined without applying the Global Rates for the selected role.

Deleted roles

If a role is deleted but is still assigned to the team member, the team member reverts to the default role. An icon next to the team member name notifies you that the role was deleted. The assigned default role is greyed out temporarily until you select the appropriate role for the team member.


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