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Roadmunk 101 - Getting Started with Idea Management

Introduction to Idea Prioritization & Management

The Ideas module in Roadmunk enables product managers to quickly create and manage an idea backlog that's rooted in the Feedback provided by their Customers. This allows Roadmunk to provide better transparency and insight into the decision making process for various internal and external stakeholders, and validates your decision making process when prioritizing one idea against other ideas in the backlog.

Getting Started with Idea Management

How Ideas Fit into Roadmunk

While we know that there is no shortage of great ideas within a product team, we are also well aware of how hard it can be to relate a great product idea to customer feedback in order to validate whether a good product idea is worth taking a bet on. Linking real customer feedback directly to ideas provides your team with a credible and reliable way to make informed decisions about your product's evolution and journey - allowing you to determine what to focus on next by surfacing which ideas would best achieve high-impact needs. 

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