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Get Started with a Free Trial of Roadmunk

Creating a New Roadmunk Trial Account

To create a new Roadmunk trial account, you'll need to use a unique email address not already used in Roadmunk previously.

Simply go to and complete the initial setup by entering your information. 

Check your email to verify your brand new Roadmunk account and you are all ready to go! 

Available Features in the Free Trial of Roadmunk

What's included in the free trial?

The short answer is everything you need to get started with roadmapping!

These accounts have the same features as a paid account and there is no limit to the number of roadmaps you can create. Also, you can add as many users to your account as you want, including Account Admins, Collaborators, and Reviewers.

** Please note our free trial offers an experience of our Business plan. For more information regarding plans and prices. Please see our pricing page.**

Is anything not included?

The following features are not immediately available out-of-box on the trial plan but can be easily added by request. If you were interested in testing any of these features on your trial account, feel free to reach out to your team's trial consultant here at Roadmunk or to our Support Team:

Do I have to start with a free trial?

No, but we strongly recommend that you do. 

Roadmunk believes you should only pay for software when you're fully convinced of its value. By starting out with a full-featured free trial account with no limits to how many users you can add, you'll get to know the product's complete feature set and get a sense of how your organization's structure will work within Roadmunk's user role and permissions framework. All of this will make you better positioned at the end of the trial to decide if Roadmunk is a good fit and, if yes, to select the best plan and billing package.

How long does the free trial last?

The Roadmunk free trial lasts 14 days

Just before the trial ends, we will send you an email giving you a heads up and asking you if you want to upgrade to a paid account. If you choose not to upgrade, your account will become inactive and your roadmap data will be saved for 30 days so you could choose to upgrade at a later time by simply reaching out to us. 

Once you're nearing the end of your trial period (or whenever you're ready), you can click the Upgrade Now button on the main menu to upgrade to a paid plan and continue building amazing, boardroom-ready roadmaps with your team. To open this menu, click your avatar or user icon on the bottom-left of the navigation bar.

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