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Forecast Project Costs and Revenue

Using the Tempo Professional Services Automation solution, key data that are usually siloed in a single product are available to all three Tempo products. While not all data is shared between all products, the data that are shared allows tight integration between products and enhances your ability to forecast your costs and revenues for a project or portfolio.

To forecast project costs and revenue:

  1. Allocate your resources and plan your projects in Planner or Jira.

  2. Track your work, hourly rates, and billable hours in Timesheets.

  3. Your plans and Jira issues are integrated with Cost Tracker, which processes the data to provide forecasting information.

Any current or future plans that are assigned to your team members are accounted for when calculating the labor, cost, and project revenue. When importing Jira issues into Cost Tracker projects, the related planned time is also imported. Your teams' actual time logs and future planned time are used to calculate current and projected costs and revenue.

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